Specialty roasted. Carefully crafted. 

How we started

Oasis Coffee was launched in February of 2020. We started off producing CBD infused coffee beans as Oasis Craft Coffee and experienced significant growth and popularity during our first year. This October we expanded into the ready-to-drink coffee market and created Oasis Cold Brew! We're excited to bring our small batch coffee straight from our roaster to you. 

oasis coffee

Every bottle is formulated with precision, from the consistency of the grounds to the pH and mineral content of the spring water inside. We triple filter our cold brew for a smooth, clean sip with delicious natural flavors and a balanced sweetness. 

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Made to order

Because we control every aspect of production, we can freshly roast the coffee and brew each batch as we receive orders. You won't find a fresher, true small batch product anywhere else.

cold brew coffee

Roasting coffee beans is an art and a science. Our artisan roasters have perfected the roasting process to bring out the maximum flavor in each coffee we offer.